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Vision, mission, strategy

Our vision for the Midlands aerospace cluster 2030

  • The Midlands aerospace cluster’s business revenue increases at twice the rate of growth of the world aerospace industry -- and so by 2030 is 50% higher than in 2017. (The Midlands aerospace cluster’s business revenue tracked Airbus and Boeing aircraft output and doubled between 2005 and 2017. Employment increased by 50% over the same period.)

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  • Our vibrant aerospace supply chain remains globally competitive and continues to win business based on high productivity and continuing investment in new technology to meet the future needs of the aerospace and aviation industries.
  • The cluster’s aerospace business success continues to support high-value engineering and manufacturing jobs in the Midlands that will attract the best talent to pursue rewarding careers.

The mission of the Midlands Aerospace Alliance

The Midlands Aerospace Alliance (MAA) is the voice of companies in the British Midlands supplying the aerospace industry. It has been working since 2003 to grow business revenue and high-quality employment for companies and people involved in the aerospace industry across the Midlands.

The mission of the Midlands Aerospace Alliance within our aerospace cluster is to promote and support cooperation between industry customers, suppliers, the public sector and other partners in the Midlands and globally in order to improve the competitiveness of all our Midlands companies in global aerospace markets. We can achieve things together which could not be achieved if we worked alone.


A three-fold strategy guides the MAA's activities to promote collaboration, all aimed at helping members grow their businesses, invest in new technology and improve their performance.

Promoting networking and sharing knowledge and information

Through special events, meetings and regular communication we help share knowledge and views so as to encourage our member organisations to work cooperatively to address common problems together. Here the MAA is a catalyst promoting the exchange of valuable information.

Delivering expert support

MAA experts in marketing, technology development and supply chain management deliver targeted professional support that helps members work together better. Here the MAA uses its expertise to deliver collaborative activities that help member organisations.

Leading coordination of shared strategy

We coordinate an overall Midlands aerospace cluster strategy that encourages long-term thinking and partnerships amongst our members and between the private and public sectors. Here the MAA is a catalyst helping stakeholders work together more efficiently and effectively.