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Supply chains

In total, about 300 specialist companies contribute their capabilities to global aerospace through the Midlands supply chain, working in a business environment that fosters the highest levels of innovation.

The aerospace industry's supply chain roots extend deep into the Midlands world-renowned advanced engineering economy for electromechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic and electrical components.

A cluster of specialist technology suppliers processes advanced aerospace metals and composite parts and materials.

Discover the capabilities of Midlands aerospace companies online here or by downloading the pdf document here.

The diagram below portrays the key elements of the Midlands aerospace supply chain as a cluster, starting from raw materials production (left) and ending with aero engine production (right). Supporting institutions are depicted below and market sectors above.

Midlands aerospace cluster diagramme

Graphical representation of the Midlands aerospace cluster


Viewed from another perspective, the Midlands aerospace cluster is made up of numbers of companies and/or research organisations working in each of the aerospace technology specialisms listed below:

  1. Gas turbine engines 
  2. Engine high-pressure system (compression, turbine) 
  3. Engine combustion systems 
  4. Systems engineering 
  5. UAV engines 
  6. Mechanical, hydraulic control systems 
  7. Electronic control systems 
  8. Heat management (heat exchangers) 
  9. Fluids conveyance (hoses, pipes, clips, seals) 
  10. Electrical 
  11. Springs 
  12. Airframe seals 
  13. Rubber, plastics 
  14. Ceramics 
  15. Aerospace materials and forming 
  16. Manufacturing 
  17. Maintenance, repair and overhaul