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Space in the Midlands

Two projects to develop the space cluster across the Midlands

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The Midlands Aerospace Alliance is pleased to be working with the UK Space Agency and other stakeholders to support the space sector in our region.

The Midlands Space Cluster project will support new and existing capability in the region, whilst Pivot into Space is offering innovation grants to 10 new-entrants looking to transition into the sector. 

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Introduction to Space in the Midlands

The Midlands is the advanced manufacturing heartland of the UK. Building on a long heritage in Automotive, Aerospace, Engineering, Technology and Innovation, the Midlands delivers core national capabilities in Space Research and Development for the UK and wider world. In the space sector, we are home to leading research institutions such as the University of Leicester, University of Birmingham and the University of Nottingham.

We also have several world class space research and development facilities in the region, including Space Park Leicester, the National Space Centre and the Manufacturing Technology Centre. These facilities host several important organisations including the National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO), the National Space Academy and the ESA Additive Manufacturing Benchmarking Centre (AMBC) respectively.

Space Park Leicester is one of the largest space research and development sites in the UK. Owned and operated by the University of Leicester, it opened in 2022. It contains a wide range of collaboration spaces, laboratories and workshops. These include the Instrument Development Lab, Calibration Lab and Concurrent Design Facility. The University of Leicester has a long history of developing space missions, focusing particularly on sensors and optics. It has contributed to many space projects including the James Webb Space Telescope, the Bepi Colombo mission to Mercury and the Juno mission to Jupiter.

In addition, we host the Nottingham Geospatial institute at the University of Nottingham who specialise in geospatial engineering including Earth Observation, satellite navigation and positioning systems. We have the Terahertz Measurement Facility, CubeSat Assembly Integration Verification (AIV) facility and the Astronomy and Exoplanet Identification and Characterisation activities at the University of Birmingham

Industrially, organisations with a strong space presence such as GMV, Honeywell Hymatic and Roll-Royce have major offices in the region. We also have a large population of Small and Medium Enterprises who are very active in the sector, these include companies like PGM Reball, Raven Space Systems, Third Planet Orbital and Geospatial Insight.

The Midlands is also a centre of excellence for space skills, education and training. There is a wide range of education opportunities available throughout the region including air and space courses. Ranging from dedicated A-Level to Degree and Post-Graduate level courses, the region provides the backbone of the national space workforce. The National Space Academy is based in Leicester at the National Space Centre. In collaboration with Loughborough College, they have recently won the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Education with the Space Engineering Programme aimed at A-Level students.

All of the capabilities, organisations and facilities come together to create a region able to shape the future of space technology in the UK, research and develop the systems for the next generation of space mission.


Space industry expert Frank McQuade has prepared this background briefing document.

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Supporting new and existing space capability

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Supporting new entrants with existing non-space capability


More on Pivot into Space

For more information on Pivot into Space click here.


Our partners in the Midlands Space Cluster project:

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