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This is the latest in our series of special in-depth MAA visits to major aerospace companies in the Midlands, often hosted by an MAA director. The MAA believes events like these provide invaluable knowledge for aerospace suppliers. As a leading member of the MAA, UTC Aerospace Systems kindly sponsors events like this as Meggitt, Moog and Rolls-Royce have also done.

About UTC Actuation Systems

"The Actuation Systems business is a global leader in the design, manufacture and support of actuation systems for large commercial, regional, business and military aircraft as well as for helicopters and precision weapons.

"Actuation Systems delivers a range of technology options including electric and hydraulic powered actuators and advanced carbon-fiber products for commercial aerospace and defense applications.

"For the next generation of aircraft, we are continuously innovating through research and development programs that are focused on advancing electric actuation. The use of electric actuation on aircraft, rather than hydraulic, comes from customer and airworthiness requirements for cleaner, more environmentally friendly aircraft. Electric actuation has the potential to help fulfill this requirement as well as providing health and usage monitoring to reduce in-service removals."

Why you should participate in this event

The aim is simple: learn how your customers think so you can better align your own business strategy.

Draft agenda

08:45 - 09:30   Arrival, registration, refreshments
09:30 – 09:40    Welcome / Introductions Robert Hupfer, General Manager, UTC Aerospace Systems – Actuation Systems Wolverhampton & Andrew Mair, Chief Executive, MAA
09:40 – 11:00   UTAS Wolverhampton: business strategy, technology, opportunities for the supply chain Robert Hupfer and colleagues
11:00 – 11:20   Break / networking
11:20 – 12:30   Shop floor tour
12:30 – 13:30   Lunch and networking between visitors and key stakeholders from UTC
13:30 – 15:30   Focus group discussions around specialist areas (to include automation, manufacturing, tooling and special processing) with opportunities for all visitors to pitch their company’s capabilities to UTC Aerospace Systems.
15:30 – 16:00   Close of event - questions and discussion Andrew Mair & Robert Hupfer
16:00    Depart


Pitch your company to UTC

Participants in this event will have a great opportunity in the afternoon to learn about UTC’s requirements with experts in specialist areas -- including automation, manufacturing, special processes and tooling -- and to pitch their company’s offer one-to-one.

For the latter, here is MAA Chief Executive Andrew Mair’s advice. Bring any material you may wish to show and/or leave with UTC. Andrew recommends: a) any brochures or similar and b) two printed copies of any presentation (maximum approximately 10 slides) you can run through in one-to-one meetings. In the slides: 1) say what your company actually does, concretely, in your first slide (don’t say “we can do whatever you want us to”, or “we supply turnkey systems”); 2) in your second slide explicitly compare your offer to the competition in your market (compare in general - there is no need to name names - state what position you occupy in your market).

Make it easy for the person you are talking to you understand your company! We do not recommend using a laptop, showing a film, etc. Keep it simple.

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