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DRAMA additive hour

Brought to you by MAA and MTC


Join the DRAMA team for an hour of all things additive manufacturing for aerospace supply chains.

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On this week's agenda . . .  3D printing and the Covid response in 2020



Kadine James, Immersive Kind Collective on the SHIELD cooperative and collaborative approaches to supplying health services with PPE during the pandemic

David Wimpenny, MTC National Centre AM will review NCAM and UK manufacturing response to the Covid crisis

Elizabeth Garry, Astrimar on the rapid acceptance of products and technology and the RAPAT tool

Before the meeting, you will be sent the link to the meeting (on Microsoft Teams)

(if you don't have Teams, you don't need special software, or to download anything, you can join on the web in a couple of clicks; for any issues email Pamela Farries)


By the way, feel free to join from 11:15 onwards to say hello. And, although the meeting is nominally an hour, we often stay behind for 15 minutes more discussion and networking, just like a normal meeting -- all are welcome!

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